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Medical & Dental Devices
The critical first step in sterile processing New 4i Technology exclusively from Sonix 4 monitors the power and frequencies of the device assuring optimal operating performance at levels that remove bio-debris and destroy harmful microorganisms.
Ultrasonic Cleaners
Recessed Ultrasonic Cleaners ideal for general use in medical & dental offices with moderate set ups and all models include cabinet- or wall-mounted controller, stainless steel mounting/containment flange and hinged cover etc
food industry
Ultrasonic Cleaners
Industrial ultrasonic cleaning involves the precision removal of debris from complicated and intricate items. No matter what the application is the most efficient and sustainable process yielding the best results comes only from ultrasonic cleaning technology.
Ultrasonic Cleaners
Ultrasonic cleaning technology is ideal for fine scale precision cleaning applications like the semiconductor, electronic, and metal fabrication industries. These applications require a high level of sterility and sensitivity as to remove all debris without damaging the material
Tabletop Ultrasonic Cleaners
Table Top Ultrasonic Cleaners are available in convenient sizes and provide the worlds most powerful cleaning technology for unlimited possibilities!

Sustainable Solutions for Cleaner Instruments

Sonix IV Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems provide the first and most important step in the sterilization process to prevent disease and infection. By removing 97% of bio-debris from medical and dental instruments, Sonix IV’s Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems set the standard for clean. Using eco-friendly soaps with no chemicals and cavitation, the fastest and most powerful cleaning method that is more sterile than heat, Sonix IV’s ultrasonic cleaning systems can remove particles from the tiniest of porous surfaces in less time than a standard cleaning method.

Product Videos
Watch our video to learn how Sonix 4 ultrasonic cleaners can be used in a variety of industries.

Featured Products

P ST144 w_basket
Tabletop Ultrasonic Cleaners
  • Ideal for general use in medical & dental offices with minimal set ups
  • Liquid capacity ranges from ¾ gallon to 7.8 gallon
  • All models include timer, stainless steel cover, drain valve & stainless steel basket
  • Most models available with one-touch control e-timer feature
Recessed Ultrasonic Cleaners
  • Ideal for general use in medical & dental offices with moderate set ups\
  • Liquid capacity ranges from 2.7 gallon to 7.8 gallon
  • All models include cabinet- or wall-mounted controller, stainless steel mounting/containment flange and hinged cover, push button drain, stainless steel basket
  • Enzyme Soak / Lubricating Tank baths available in additional sizes
industrial cleaners
Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners
  • Ideal for cleaning parts & assemblies for institutional, job shop & production environments
  • Liquid capacity ranges from 3 gallons to 90 gallons
  • All models fabricated from heavy gauge stainless steel & given a hard-chrome treatment on the radiating surface to prolong tank life & enhance energy transmission
  • Available in custom sizes

Product Knowledge

Learn more about ultrasonic cleaning and Sonix 4 by visiting our Educational Resources page.

In the News

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Client Testimonials

Industrial ultrasonic cleaning


Our efforts to find high-end ultrasonic cleaning equipment came to end at Sonixiv. We have used several cleaning tools, but the machine from Sonixiv is rather productive and compatible with all kinds of delicate instruments.

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