Sonix 4 offers many accessories that enhance the ultrasonic cleaning process efficiency and provide versatility. A stainless steel ultrasonic cleaner basket comes standard with our ultrasonic cleaners and additional baskets can be purchased to make parts processing more efficient. Beakers along with a positioning cover can convert the ultrasonic tank into multiple mini 600 ml tanks with each beaker having a different solution. Eco4 certified green ultrasonic cleaning solution enhances the cleaning efficiency of our ultrasonic cleaners with a neutral pH and no chemicals. Some of our Ultrasonic Cleaner accessories are listed below. Contact a Some of our Ultrasonic Cleaner accessories are listed below. Call us or contact your local dealer for more information.

Eco4 Certified Green Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution
  • Environmentally friendly, chemical-free solution is gentle on hands & instruments and leaves no residue
  • Specially formulated to enhance performance of Sonix 4 ultrasonic cleaners
  • Highly concentrated for cost effectiveness – go green for less
  • Manufactured in compliance with green standards of health, safety, biodegradability, & biorenewability
Ultrasonic Cleaner Accessories
  • Stainless steel baskets available in many sizes
  • Durable stainless steel does not rust or stain
  • Different sized baskets can be used for handing different or multiple parts. Examples: 2 half sized baskets can be used instead of 1 full sized basket, or 1 half basket and a positioning cover with beakers can be used for different solutions.
Ultrasonic Cleaner Accessories
  • Instrument cassette trays are ideal for handing surgical instrument trays
  • Available in several sizes
  • Help maintain sterility of instruments and are easy to use
Ultrasonic Cleaner Accessories
  • Sonix 4 ultrasonic cleaners and accessories are designed to work together to maximize performance while minimizing time
  • Combine baskets, trays, beakers, covers, and Eco4 solution for the most effective ultrasonic cleaning available
  • Using different accessories provides versatility for your ultrasonic cleaning needs
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