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Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners, Sonix 4 GT-Series

  • Ideal for fast and effective cleaning parts and assemblies for institutional, job shop & production environments
  • Take advantage of the most powerful, efficient, and sustainable technology for precision cleaning – ultrasonic cleaning.  Our GT-Series industrial models provide fast and effective cleaning of parts and assemblies for industrial, job shop, production, and medical applications.
    • Liquid capacity ranges from 3 gallons to 90 gallons
    • Available in custom sizes
    • Fabricated from heavy gauge stainless steel
    • Industrial grade, high-performance transducers (10 Year Warranty)
    • Everything included – Stainless steel basket and cover included
    • Add-on features available such as:
      • Filtration
      • Surface oil sparger
      • Elevator lift system
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      • R-Type Recessed Ultrasonic Cleaner The health care professional’s preferred choice, outfit your sterile processing center with the R-Type Recessed Ultrasonic Cleaner. The high-tech design of the recessed ultrasonic cleaner with digital controls ideal for medical and dental practices
        • Sizes for any practice
          • Liquid capacity ranges from 2.7 gallons to 7.8 gallons
        • High-tech, Integrated industrial grade circuitry:
          • Auto-Tuning
          • WaveSweep
          • Power Pulse Modulation
        • Degas function
        • Sleep Mode
          • Energy savings feature
        • All recessed ultrasonic cleaner models include digital controller, stainless steel mounting/containment flange with hinged cover, push button drain, stainless steel basket, and 2/10 Year Warranty

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      • Table Top Ultrasonic Cleaner offer a high-tech design with durable construction and are well equipped to handle the demands of numerous industries such as:
        • Dental, Medical, Veterinary, Ambulatory, and Tattoo professionals
        • Jewelry repair, jewelry manufacturing, jewelry retail, watch and clock
        • Weapons cleaning – Military, Police, Hunting, and collectors
        • Diving & SCBA
        • Automotive – Manufacturing and Repair
        • Bicycle – Manufacturing and Repair
        • Beauty – Cosmetics Manufacturing, Electrolysis, Hair and Nail Salons
        • Laboratories – Research & Development, Science


      • Integrated Industrial Grade Digital Circuitry
      • Digital or mechanical controls available
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