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If only my [ ___________ ] provided a certainty of performance – most of us would probably fill in the blank with Powerball number selection after the recent jackpot. Maybe you’d insert spouse, significant other, new employee? What would your customers fill in the blank with? At Sonix 4 Ultrasonics we thought one possibility they could insert would be “most critical step in sterile processing” so we developed our patented 4i Technology to provide certainty of performance and sustainability.

Models with 4i Technology have visual indicators that monitor the performance of the ultrasonic cleaner – we have the only ultrasonic cleaner design with a one to one interface between the ultrasonic driver and the transducer. Meaning each transducer has its own driving circuit that provides optimum signal matching resulting in more effective cavitation. Since we have a one to one interface we can monitor the performance of each circuit that is visualized with LED indicator lights – one LED for each circuit.

4i Technology with visual LED indicators along with the electrical and sonochemical quality checks at the factory provide a certainty of performance as long as all LED’s are illuminated. If one or more of the LED indicators is not illuminated it indicates that that circuit has failed and the unit is not performing optimally. A service technician can get the unit back up and running at full potential by following the non-illuminated LED wires to the driver circuit and replacing it – a 30 minute procedure. Once all the LED’s are illuminated again the ultrasonic cleaner is back to full performance.

So unlike your Power Ball number picking skills, or other brand ultrasonics sterile processing technicians know that their Sonix 4 Ultrasonic Cleaner with 4i Technology is performing to its maximum potential for the most critical step in sterile processing.