Automotive Parts Ultrasonic Cleaner

Sonix 4’s automotive parts ultrasonic cleaners deliver superior results for any automotive industry precision cleaning requirement. Choose Sonix 4 for cleaning brake parts, engine parts electronics and more virtually any part or assembly that needs to be free oil, grease, dust or other contaminants before or after assembly. We offer aqueous from aluminum engine parts, to circuit boards, to air bag filters.

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Aerospace Parts Ultrasonic Cleaners

Sonix 4’s industrial parts washers provide fast, thorough precision cleaning to the aerospace industry for everything from fuel nozzles to airfoils and turbine blades. We offer aqueous parts cleaners in standard and custom sizes for the solution you need-benchtop and industrial scale systems-along with complimentary Application Assistance expertise to help you put the right system to work for your particular cleaning application.

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Electronic Parts Ultrasonic Cleaners

Sonix 4’s ultra sonic cleaning equipment exels at throughly cleaning parts where the slightest trace of oil or dust can sffect product quality and reliability. Semiconductor wafers and hard drive discs can be effectively cleaned using our industrial ultra sonic cleaning equipment. And our bench-top and industrial scale
syetems are perfect for cleaning ink-jet print heads, credit card terminals, sensors and other business and consumer electronic equipment.

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ultrasonic manufacturing parts cleaner

An ultrasonic parts cleaner from Sonix 4 removes all traces of grease, dirt and other contaminants on the parts that go into making products-parts that go into the machinery and equipment used for automated assembly and finished products. We offer aqueous systems from benchtop cleaning to large-scale industrial ultrasonic parts cleaners to accommodate your cleaning requirements.

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Ultrasonic Medical device cleaning
Medical and Life Sciences

Medical device cleaning and sterile processing demands a no-compromise process-Sonix 4 offers ultrasonic medical cleaning systems for sterile processing of surgical instruments, implants, lab equipment, dental tools and prostheses, and more. Hospitals, Ambulatory Centers, private practices, laboratories, and more-there’s a Sonix 4 ultrasonic cleaner for any medical device cleaning and sterile processing requirement.

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Sonix 4 Ultrasonic cleaning equipment

Sonix 4 Ultrasonic provides cleaning equipment for a range of applications in the Optics industry including high resolution glass plates, solar panels, silicon wafers and more. With products ranging from small
benchtop sizes to large industrial scale units Sonix 4 has the products for your needs.

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Consumer Products Ultrasonic Cleaners
Consumer Products

Sonix 4’s Ultrasonic cleaning system are ideal for removing oils, grease, dirt and other contaminants on clock movements, jewelry, eyeglasses, dentures, fishing reels, gun parts, and virtually any other consumer product that needs to be perfectly clean. We offer aqueous ultrasonic cleaning systems ranging from benchtop cleaners to large-scale industrial ultrasonic cleaning machines that can accommodate even the most demanding applications.

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