Ultrasonic Cleaning for Sterilization & Disease Prevention

Sonix 4’s ultrasonic cleaning systems provide the first and most important step in sterilization and infection control.  Sonix 4’s systems are used in the medical and dental industries, industrial applications such as manufacturing facilities, food services, environmental applications, and retail applications including jewelry and tattoo industries.  By providing an eco-friendly, intensely clean, and quick sterilization process, Sonix 4’s ultrasonic cleaners have set the standard for clean.

The ultrasonic cleaning process used in Sonix 4’s systems, cavitation, removes 97% of bio-debris from the surfaces of instruments cleaned in the systems, and it cleans deep down into crevices, nooks, and crannies to provide a completely sterile instrument.  Sonix 4’s ultrasonic cleaners reach an industry standard of clean in a fraction of the time of competitive products.  In addition, the soaps used in Sonix 4’s systems lack harsh chemicals, are eco-friendly, and help sustain the environment as well as instrument life.