Ultrasonic Cleaners

Sonix 4 ultrasonic cleaning systems provide a wide array of ultrasonic cleaners to fit the needs of medical and dental offices, healthcare facilities, industrial applications including job shops and production facilities, as well as the food processing, jewelry, and tattoo industries.  Standard products ranging from small personal use units to multi-tank industrial cleaning systems.

Tabletop Ultrasonic Cleaner 30L


      • Table Top Ultrasonic Cleaner offer a high-tech design with durable construction and are well equipped to handle the demands of numerous industries such as:
        • Dental, Medical, Veterinary, Ambulatory, and Tattoo professionals
        • Jewelry repair, jewelry manufacturing, jewelry retail, watch and clock
        • Weapons cleaning – Military, Police, Hunting, and collectors
        • Diving & SCBA
        • Automotive – Manufacturing and Repair
        • Bicycle – Manufacturing and Repair
        • Beauty – Cosmetics Manufacturing, Electrolysis, Hair and Nail Salons
        • Laboratories – Research & Development, Science


      • Integrated Industrial Grade Digital Circuitry
      • Digital or mechanical controls available
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Recessed Ultrasonic Cleaner,
      • R-Type Recessed Ultrasonic Cleaner The health care professional’s preferred choice, outfit your sterile processing center with the R-Type Recessed Ultrasonic Cleaner. The high-tech design of the recessed ultrasonic cleaner with digital controls ideal for medical and dental practices
        • Sizes for any practice
          • Liquid capacity ranges from 2.7 gallons to 7.8 gallons
        • High-tech, Integrated industrial grade circuitry:
          • Auto-Tuning
          • WaveSweep
          • Power Pulse Modulation
        • Degas function
        • Sleep Mode
          • Energy savings feature
        • All recessed ultrasonic cleaner models include digital controller, stainless steel mounting/containment flange with hinged cover, push button drain, stainless steel basket, and 2/10 Year Warranty

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Industrial ultrasonic cleaner, Sonix 4 model HTUH-35

Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners, Sonix 4 GT-Series

  • Ideal for fast and effective cleaning parts and assemblies for institutional, job shop & production environments
  • Take advantage of the most powerful, efficient, and sustainable technology for precision cleaning – ultrasonic cleaning.  Our GT-Series industrial models provide fast and effective cleaning of parts and assemblies for industrial, job shop, production, and medical applications.
    • Liquid capacity ranges from 3 gallons to 90 gallons
    • Available in custom sizes
    • Fabricated from heavy gauge stainless steel
    • Industrial grade, high-performance transducers (10 Year Warranty)
    • Everything included – Stainless steel basket and cover included
    • Add-on features available such as:
      • Filtration
      • Surface oil sparger
      • Elevator lift system
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