In many cases ultrasonic cleaning is more effective than washing, scrubbing and rinsing. The frequency can be tuned to provide maximum cleaning power. The resulting “cold boiling” of the liquid creates a scrubbing action superior to other cleaning techniques.

  • Ultrasonics cleaners can often clean ten times faster than mechanical means, and in many applications, it is the only viable cleaning method.
  • Ultrasonics cleaners are used in the medical industry for sterilization without harmful chemicals, costly labor, and time-consuming autoclaves.
  • In the electronics industry, ultrasonics cleaners are used to clean extremely fragile components that cannot be chemically cleaned or mechanically scrubbed.
  • In plating and etching operations, ultrasonics cleaners are used to clean metal parts both before and after processing.
  • Archaeologists use ultrasonics cleaners to clean ancient coins and other metal artifacts without damage.
  • Ultrasonics cleaners are especially useful for cleaning without the use of harsh or harmful chemicals.

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